Natural Robotics & Intelligence Design


Process by function
Functions grouped in bodies
Bodies with function-based effeciency
purpose feedback loop

process translation to electric stored values
process- implementation in life tissues(plant based)
proecesses in a single purpose envirronement
processes with black box and reaction scheme

life is a combination of chemical changes resulting
in a desired effect or move

life is a single purpose per part resulting in a different
and out of sole reaction not predictable.

Today we have the computers who have a multi-task method of computing.
Applications and games use it to compute renderings of realtime imitations of realities.

A game wherein you can walk as if you really moving.
An application making paintings as if rembrand was the one making it.
Applications with all kinds of purposes.
But the multi-task environnement is the method of the last twenty years and the next fifteen years.

After that point a multi- layered computer is the standard.
Multi task is several tasks being processed by parts of cpu's
A multi layererd method is made of layers with a basic task the do automaticly.
Layers assigned with tasks as in hardware based.

A simple example is that computers don't need to startup or shutdown.
And choices of speed and what to store on the harddrive is hardware based answered.

A layer, compared to multi task cpu's, consists of several cores.
With each core a a set of pre-programmed tasks.

A multi -layer is more artificially intelligent.
Is faster at computing .
Makes advanced enhancements like watches, phones tablets more useable.