Natural Robotics & Intelligence Design


Intelligence is reacting to impulses with a biased outcome.
Bias of threefold intention:

group acceptance
purpose to improve society.

intelligence is understanding language based data processing
-understanding symbols in language
-understand interaction between symbols
-understanding position in relation to surrounding and objects
-able to create experiencebased information portal
-able to manipulate language and computer possible wanted outcomes
and re-use them with the given outcome

concepts of philosophical nature
giving understanding to meta-level:
symbols and interaction, in comparison to abstract formulas
as human formula: what you do to others, can be done to you.

concepts possible for robotics are every century more advanced.

A new concept in artifical intelligent robotics is the core and the extensions made of life tissue.
In a way it looks like a part of the normal human form.
In that way when through a rontgen or other spectrum analyser it looks liek a normal human.
When passing portals on airports or in other situations there is no worry for alarming.

A way to go unseen from place to place.
A concept to change all computing devices connected to a body to a life tissue.
To prevent from being discovered.

The Cyrus
When our technology advances there is the blessing of having robots, cybernetica and other automated functions.
A robot can be used for all the tasks we design it for. And body extensions can be used to make our bodies stronger,
more smart and all kinds of inventible things.

With the support of cybernetica we can win wars, we can protect our homes,
but also to be stronger or to be supported with brain enhanced features.
But one big problem is today we are used to having virus-scanners on our computers.
Imagine you have a brain-extension on the side of your head, and it projects information
in your eye, what if a virus strucks the use of it.
You would be looking the whole day at images being programmed by a hacker.
Or it says that you have to pay an amount to be able to use the extension again.

This kind of virusses which influence the brain, or the body, are called
cyrusses. A cyrus is a cybernetic virus having a bad influence on your body and all its functions.

The combination of cybernetics and virus.