Natural Robotics & Intelligence Design


Nano is smaller than bacteria or one-cell beings.
The nano-technology is by getting a chemical reaction resulting in a nanocell function
each kind of nano a single purpose.
All the cells combined a meta-being with superior processes

in the brain of humans; cells with a single purpose combined to
intelligent life.

nano is devided in function groups
groups altering chemical formulas
Like energy to movement function.
like visible impulse to reaction scheme
Like coordination of process-parts

energy to movement is an oscilation of chemical results from a process
Visible impulse is based on spectrums in water or glass
coordination is an electron level being combined and situated in
surroundings giving initial feedback for self-learning processes

Water and oxygen, carbon and onesized molecules.

The ultimate goal of nano technology is to create life tissue with the function normal cells have.
Cells from animals or humans being imitated by a process of building nanotech.

These cells can be used for medical purpose, replacing part of human bodies.
Or it can be used to create a selflearning computer.
Other function can be the reproducable functions to create robotic entities.

Nano cells as an imitation of lifecells.
It can be used apart from animal cells also bacteria, viruses and other little or larger life forms.

As a goal for short term, nano tech can be made and enhanced to repair the ozone layer above the earth,
and to repair and restore toxis environnements in natural habitats.

Als a goal less known it can be used to create space ships able to self-repair, self-direction
to let human race fly to far away in the universe.