Natural Robotics & Intelligence Design


A society filled with intelligent species
as robotics more and more made of made from life-beings like plants or
simple animals the discussion is between giving them status of humane
source, or to treat them like machine not capable of feeling or interacting with awareness.

society is a rule applicable to humans
but if humans are assisted by a large range of intelligence
Waht structure do we have

if labor is done by our AI-slaves what is our own purpose when we
are not needed for most of the work needed to keep humanity alive

Society has been dreamt of by science fiction authors
Society has been criticized by authors of realistic views.

Society will have the chance to rebuild values which we use to live
together as groups within our society

when robots look life humans and are not anymore distinguished anymore
by the normal range of humans, what right will they be given
whant right is ours to use and misuse those AI-slaves.

An advanced civilisation uses the access to technology to equally spread food and culture for all its inhabitants.
By the use of technology the costs of creating food and other lifeneedings are minimized,
making it available to create a society where everyone has access to food, shelter, culture.

If all the goods needed for life are free, the access to healthliy and wealthy life is available for everyone.

When a society grows, more and more are all humans treated with the same lifesupport.

A society without limits without shortcomings is ideally without war, without conflict,
because the theme's necessary for life, are already in the hands of those who need it.
So not anymore a reason to rob or steal what you need or want.