The sound machine

Intelligence comes to life with formula's

When sound is created by a person. A composer.
It has the genre and sound intended by the musician.

Sound in a melody is differen than random tones.
Sound in a composition has a certain beauty to it.
Sound has a meaning when used in vocals or classical theme.

Now imagine that a computer creates music.
And the listener has a feeling of harmony.
As a harmonic composition is heard.

Now imagine; the computer has created the abstract formula's
the abstract algorithms, to compile the music.

Now the computer is commanded to create music;
and store the formula's.
The music as being listened to, is created by formula's
making its sound.

The sound machine; as i would call it is the first step to
imitative intelligence.

The current time in computing is the term Artificial Intelligence.
Where a program is compiled and logic defines it.

The next time will not be about programs creating intelligent behaviour or responses.
It will be about programs using patterns, formula's used in a subjective environnement.
The formula's when compiled will be able to create imitation of subjective behaviour.

Formula's created be the sound of music.
Will be used to create other intelligent systems as well.

The Art of Imitation brought to a new level.
A new level in the next Era.
Music is in the ear of the listener.
Music is in the designer of intelligence.

As a follow up about this subject.
When a machine creates music there are a couple of methods which can be used.
From a collection of music tones.
A formula for the melody. with a combined mathematical formula.
and a couple of formula's to create semi-random intelligent music.

When the machine creates music by the formula's its taking series of notes,
and presents the music to human listeners. who critizice and give a judgement on it.

When a musical song is measured good, the machine has succeeded one of its tasks.
At that song the formula's are harmonic.

Surely several musical instruments can be used.