Extended data storage

instant read and write data

Imagine that you can read 2 terabyte in one second.
Imagine that its not based on electromagnetism,
thus it is stored permanently.

Imagine the reader has no moving parts,
So its useable in good and harsh conditions.

Imagine that it can be used
for an operating system with vast possiblities.

This new method of data storage
is based on an optical system.

As we use dvd with laser.
This system is built on the laser

Imagine you have a tube made of fiber alloy and
particles of glass and sapphire.

In a printer, the fiber is mixed with glass,
and sapphire as the shell.

The tube is 12 centimeters,
and 4 centimeterds diameter.

in a reader, a couple of lasers is mounted at a bottom, and mirrors are
giving the rays to the full height of the tube.

With four rays, the full tube can be read; in a second.
because its optical and both bottom and top of the tube is used,
as well the in between.

A new storage for terabytes of data.
With the use of permanent storage.